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Hello again,

We had a great week talking about families. We enjoyed looking at all the photos of children’s families. Thank you for sending them in. I will return them  next week.

The children painted and drew their families. We looked at how we change from baby to adult and did a sorting activity to decide what a baby, toddler, child and adult would need.

In maths we continued to look at numbers to five and different ways we could see/make those numbers. We enjoyed using the double sided counters to help us with this. We looked at ordering by height and ordered pictures by order of height. We did a lot of work on sorting. We sorted in different ways and the children had to discuss why we had sorted them that way. A lot of thinking went on. It was easy when we sorted by colour or by boys/ girls, but then it got a lot trickier when we sorted by different criteria. We will continue working on this. Several children then chose to continue sorting using different objects.

During the next two weeks we will be focussing on Harvest. This is also our focus in RE. The children bought a letter home on Friday about how you can still donate food, even though we are unable to have our church Harvest Festival.

I’m looking forward to speaking to you all next week during Parent’s Evening.

Hello everyone!

We had another great week last week. We continued our topic about 'I Am Special' and looked at hands and touch. We had fun feeling different textures and thinking of different describing words. This week we are concentrating on listening. If you look on Tapestry you will see all the fabulous musical instruments we made. We made a band and walked round the playground singing 'I hear the band'. Look out on Tapestry for the video!

We are also looking at shape and pattern. Perhaps you could a have a go at looking for shapes around your house and make patterns with natural objects. This week we have also been concentrating on finding out about numbers 1,2,3,4. We have found different ways of making these numbers e.g two toy horses and two cows make 4. We looked at different ways of making spotty patterns with each number.

Well done children for working so hard.

Copied from the message section of the  Reception page.

Week Commencing 28th September 2020



The children will be getting changed for PE, starting from next week. So, please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. Reception children will be keeping their PE bags in school and not taking them home at the end of the day.

Part of the Early Year’s Curriculum is for children to become independent and be able to dress and undress themselves. It would be really helpful if you could help your child learn to dress and undress themselves.    

Just a reminder - our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday.



On Monday your child will bring home a phonics book, with words in, using some of the sounds we have learnt so far. Please help your child sound out the words and have a go at reading them. If they don’t recognize the sounds then you can sound them out and see if they can hear the word. This is called oral blending. They still need to practice book conventions e.g. turning the pages, talking about the pictures, telling the story, predicting what might happen next.

On Friday your child will have a ‘choosing book’. These books are not phonic based so you will be sharing these books with your child, reading it to them and seeing if they can join in. They often have a repetitive structure so your child should be able to join in with the pattern of the words. They can look out for any letters they recognize and also practice book conventions.

It is  such a special time of the day sharing a book with your child.

 Please don’t forget to sign their reading record book when you have read with them.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs Christie and Mrs Badhan


What a fabulous start to our new school year. It was lovely to welcome parents and children to school on Wednesday. I enjoyed meeting the children and chatting with parents. 

I am so proud of all the children in my class. They have been fantastic about leaving their parents in the playground and coming into school by themselves. 

We have had fun in school- lots of exploring all the resources, creative activities and listening to stories. The children have sat so sensibly on the carpet and shared resources well. As soon as I can I will be adding photos of the children (when permission has been given) on my class photo page.

Just a reminder- please check your child's book bag regularly for letters and other information. We put some information in them on Friday. We will be putting the newsletter and calendar in on Monday.

Please send the Tapestry permission letter back as soon as possible so that we can start showing you all the exciting things the children are doing in school.

Thank you for supporting your children to settle so well in their first week.

I look forward to seeing the children next week. Monday and Tuesday are still part time. Then Wednesday is the first full day.

Kind regards,

Mrs Christie