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Year 1 - Eyam Class

Mrs. Heer has been advised by her medical team not to return to school in September. This means that she will not be able to teach the year 1 Eyam class as we had planned. 


I am pleased that Miss Lemon is going to teach Eyam class from Wednesday 2nd September. Miss Lemon was going to cover Mrs. Heer's maternity leave when this was due to start in October but will now be teaching from the beginning of the year instead. 


Miss Lemon has written an introduction to the children on the virtual introduction class pages. CLICK HERE. You can also write any messages to Miss Lemon on the contact page. CLICK HERE. 


Miss Lemon was working in our nursery last year when she covered Mrs. Gallen's maternity leave so she is a familiar face to many at St. John's already. 


Reception - Castleton Class

We shared last week that Mrs. Smith's medical team have advised her not to return to work in September. Mrs. Badhan will continue to teach Castleton class in her absence. 

Mrs. Smith hopes to return to work during the autumn term. 

Both Mrs. Badhan and Mrs. Smith have written introductions for the children on their virtual introduction pages. CLICK HERE.