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We know from our PSHE lessons last half term how important it is to keep our bodies moving. For your PE this week, we are  providing you with a couple of options (or you can do all of them if you have time!).


-Complete an A-Z of body movements. You could start with Arm stretches, Burpees, Climbing on the spot for 10 seconds...


-You will need a die. Choose 6 (or 12 if you have two dice) activities. Assign each activity a number 1-6 (or 12). Roll the dice and complete each activity for 30 seconds. Keep going for as long as you feel able. Activity examples:

-jogging on the spot

-climbing on the spot

-jumping jacks

-star jumps

-press ups


-frog jumps




-hold a ball above your head with arms outstretched

-balancing on one foot, or one foot and one hand


Remember! It is important to warm up before you begin, drink sips of water throughout and have fun!