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No Nonsense Spelling

The spellings for this week are also on the homework page.  This week they are common words, which need to be learned by the end of lower KS2.  We've reached the words beginning with B. Practice them ready for a test on Friday.

Statutory Spelling Words

Due 20.11.20












Usually the children learn how to spell via Look; Say; Cover; Write; Check, but there are other ways to learn too.  Here are 2 more methods to help with muscle memory, so the spelling becomes automatic:

Trace, copy and replicate  (and then check) 

Write the word out on a sheet of paper (using joined up handwriting), ensuring that it is spelt correctly and it is large enough to trace over. Trace over the word and say it at the same time. Move next to the word you have just written and write it out as you say it. Turn the page over and write the word as you say it, and then check that you have spelt it correctly.

If this is easy, do the same process for two different words at the same time. Once you have written all your words this way and feel confident, miss out the tracing and copying, or the tracing alone and just write the words.

Sky writing

Once you have practiced the spelling a few times, imagine it is written in the air in front of you. Hold your arm out in front of you and using your finger trace over the word, large enough to move across the centre of your body.  You can close your eyes to 'see' the word if it helps.