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                                  Remote Learning at St. John's
We have produced a set of special Remote Learning FAQ's to help parents during the partial closure in spring 2021.
Loan agreement for Chrome books

Please click on the link below to complete a form to request a laptop for your child if they are at home due to COVID-19 and need a Chromebook to help them access remote learning. You will need to sign a copy of the agreement form before collecting your borrowed Chromebook. 
Be aware that we have limited stock and may not be able to lend laptops to every child that requests one. 
Priority will be given to free school meal children and children in receipt of pupil premium funding. 

What is remote learning at St. John's?

During COVID-19 all schools have been asked to ensure that if children need to stay at home isolating that schools are able to provide 'remote learning'. 


In the autumn term 2020 St. John's produced it's remote learning policy. CLICK HERE. This policy shares information with how we will support children at home with continued education. 


Google Classrooms

All children at St. John's have a user name and password to access google classrooms. These were shared with parents in July 2020 and with children during the autumn term 2020. When logged onto google classrooms children are able to access many resources including - 

  • activities, lessons and tasks set by the teacher
  • support resources to help with their learning such as 'help sheets' and links to you tube support videos. 
  • software such as a word processor 'google sheets' to complete work


Children at St. John's are being taught by their class teachers how to use google classrooms in school. This work started during the autumn term 2020 and will continue into spring 2021. Whilst these lessons and introductions to google classrooms are taking place in school, children at home will be offered a mix of remote learning on the school website class pages and google classrooms.


Teachers will regularly give all children the opportunity to use google classrooms to complete weekly homework, starting in spring 2021. 


Children can access google classrooms on lots of different computers including Chrome books, PC's and Apple laptops and computers. 


Google classrooms is also used by Belper Secondary school therefore in using it at St. John's as well we hope that this continuity helps many families and children. 


Types of remote learning

We have three types of remote learning at St. John's.

  • PRL (Partial remote learning) – for when the class teacher is working full time in school with their class, but has some children at home isolating.
  • FRL (Full remote learning) – for when a whole class or bubble is isolating and their teacher is not teaching in school
  • HRL (Homework remote learning) – for when the class teacher uses the remote learning technologies for homework.

More information about each of these is in the policy. 


Remote learning will only be provided by teachers when children are at home isolating, due to COVID-19. Remote learning will not be provided if

  • a parent chooses to keep a child at home that doesn't need to isolate
  • a parent chooses to take a child on holiday
  • a child is away for reasons other than COVID-19 absences


Accessing remote learning at home

The government and St. John's recognise that not all children will have access to hardware at home to access google classrooms. To help with this we have a number of laptops in school that we are able to loan to families when their children are at home. If you have a child at home and would like to borrow a laptop please use the contact form below to let us know. You will have to sign a copy of the loan agreement, which can be seen below and return the laptop when your child returns to school. 


All children were given two new exercise books in September to keep at home to help complete any remote learning work. These books can be returned to school for teachers to look at whenever needed. If a child fills their books please ask your teacher for a new one. 

Google classroom support for parents.

Produced by google this document helps parents and children log on and find your way around classrooms.
Produced by google this document outlines a series of lessons that you and your child could complete together to help understand features of google classrooms in a more detailed way.
Produced by Miss Thompson this document can be used as a reminder to your children of how to log onto google classrooms. 
Remote learning policy
Safeguarding concerns about Remote Education

Safeguarding Form

Use this form to contact Mrs Carvell (DHT & DSL) if you need to report any safeguarding concerns in relation to remote education. All messages sent via this form are confidential and can only be seen, in the first instance, by Mrs. Carvell.