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Look on YouTube and learn the fun ‘Five little Firefighters’ song. Now watch the PowerPoint on a firefighters job.

Make a firefighter collage. Tear strips of tissue or coloured paper to make the fire.

Draw or paint a fire engine. You could also make a model of a fire engine. Discuss with your child the shapes they will need to make the fire engine/the wheels/ladder etc. (Maths-link with shapes).

Religious Education

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Discuss your favourite part of the classroom, school or playground. Why is it special to you? (eg. it has interesting features/it makes you feel happy) Do you have a special place at home? Encourage your child to describe how they feel when they go there (eg. bedroom, quiet, calm: kitchen, warm, loved) How do you behave when you go to your special place? Are there any special objects there that are special to you? How do your friends behave when they get there?
Listen to Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy.
Perhaps, you can draw or paint a picture of your favourite place.