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Morning Work

Good morning! smiley 


We can't wait to see you back at school tomorrow! 


Today, you have a reading activity to complete. Don't forget to check your answers when you have finished. 


Today, you will be refreshing your understanding of negative numbers. Have a think- where do you see negative numbers in everyday life? 

Have a go at the varied fluency tasks first. 


WTS- Page 2 

Expected- Page 3 

Greater Depth- Page 4

Too easy?... Move on to your next task- reasoning and problem solving. 

(The page numbers for each level are the same as they were for the previous task)

Extra tasks!


Today's English lesson is a SPaG lesson. The main focus of the lesson will be the subjunctive form, but first I would like you to recap formal and informal language.


Starter: Please read the PowerPoint below and have a go at the short activities.

Main task: Please look at the PowerPoint below to learn all about the subjunctive form. Then complete the subjunctive form task. I have posted the answers below but most of your answers will be different based on your sentences.


Try your best!

Still want more? Try the subjunctive form test. The answers are at the end.