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Week 1

This week we have been learning about what we need to do to stay healthy when getting ready for bed. We have learnt about getting lots of sleep, having a wash to keep us clean and how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day. 

We have also carried out an investigation to see what happens to our teeth when we drink water, milk, orange juice and Coca Cola.  We will look at the eggs next week to see what has happened.


We also had an exciting time on Tuesday when we all came back to school in the dark for our Starry Night Treasure Hunt. The children all had a glow stick andtheir lantern they made to help guide them find the clues. A really fun evening!


The children have also been getting excited by my trip to India in two weeks time. The have loved making paper aeroplanes and trying to get me from England to India. There have been a few times when I landed in the sea!