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Week 1


The children started the week with a wonderful day on the field! We spent time exploring the field and searching for different flowers, leaves and trees. We spent some time drawing pictures of the different flowers, leaves and trees that we found and even had a picnic lunch! We were also learning about the story of Errol's Garden and how he wanted to create his own community garden to share with others. We thought about the things we would like to have in our own community gardens and shared some photos of our own gardens from home!


The children have also been learning about the important things that a plant needs to grow such as water, sunlight, soil and space! We decided to investigate what will happen to a plant if it does not have all of these important things! We have planted different pots of cress and are going to look after them under different conditions. Some will have water and sunlight, some will have water with no sunlight, some with sunlight and no water and some with no water and no sunlight. 

We can't wait to see the results!