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Week 2


Wow! Another amazing and busy week!


The week started by exlporing and investigating dinosaur poo. We looked inside to see if we could work out which poo was from a carnivore, a herbivore and an omnivore.


We also had a wonderful time outside riding bikes in the sunshine and pretending to be pirates.


In forest schools this week we continued our dinosaur dig, finding bones and using special tools to dig them up. We also learnt how to use a hand drill to make a hole in a wooden disc which we then decorated.

We had a brilliant time learning about the different reptiles brought by zoo lab. The children got to hold and stroke a ball python snake called Cass, hissing cockroach, a leapard gecko and watch Splat the Austrialian tree frog climb a wall!


Also did you know that cockroaches lived with the dinosaurs and they can survive for about six months in a freezer - amazing!


The children also looked fantastic in their world book day costumes.


Splat - the tree frog

Still image for this video