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Week 2


This week we have been learning all about sunflowers! We started the week by exploring the colours, size and shape of sunflowers through reading the story 'Billy's Sunflower' and we then collaged a giant sunflower! It looks amazing! We have been making our own pasta sunflowers this week too! 

We have looked at some famous paintings of gardens and have focused in on Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'. We enjoyed talking about the different colours used and the children are excited to have a go at painting their own version of 'Sunflowers' next week! 

We have also been learning about the different parts of a plant and the important jobs that each part has to do! We learnt how the roots and the stem are responsible for carrying water up the plant and decided to test this by placing some white flowers into water mixed with food colouring! We cannot wait to see the results and to see if the petals change colour!