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Week 4


This week we have been talking about changing and growing up as the children get ready to leave Reception! 

We have looked at the story of The Cautious Caterpillar who was scared and worried about becoming a butterfly, but in the end he found out that it was actually great! We talked about our feelings and things we may be worried about and excited about and answered any question about moving into Year 1! 

We have also looked back on some of our favourite memories from Reception as the children made their memory t-shirts!

We also practised our sports day races on the field.  They loved the obstacle race, although the egg and spoon was a bit tricky but great fun!

The children then spent two mornings with their new Year 1 teachers and had lots of fun!

Lastly the children helped to create our school well dressing using different coloured flower petals.  They can't wait to visit it when it is displayed in Belper soon.