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Week 5


This week the children have been learning all about Australia! We have learnt all about the climate, culture and animals of Australia. We decided our favourite Australian animal was either the koala or the kangaroo! 

We found it very interesting that when we have our winter, it is summer in Australia! Did you know that in Australia they spend their Christmas on the beach?

We have also learnt all about the Aboriginal people, the very first people to live in Australia. We have looked at some Aboriginal artwork and have made our own Aboriginal artwork in this style, using lots of dot patterns! What a super week!


The children have also enjoyed a fabulous Sports Day this week. The children were so well behaved and had great fun competing in the running race, obstacle race and the egg and spoon race! The children all tried really hard!

It was wonderful to see some parents and grandparents also running in the parents race at the end and the children loved cheering on their adults!

What a fantastic afternoon in the sunshine!