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Week 6

This week we started our mini project 'Splash!'. We have been learning all about water this week and have explored floating and sinking and freezing and melting! We explored which objects will sink and which will float as the children did some super testing! We also talked about freezing and melting and the change from liquid to solid as water freezes into ice! The children spent time exploring the ice and how it melts and we even made our very own yoghurt ice lollies, putting them in the freezer to freeze! 

They were so yummy!

In our Pathways to Poetry, our poetry has been all about vegetables! We have read poems such as Dinnertime Rhume and Eat Your Peas Louise! We started the week with a vegetable hunt outside and found lots of exciting vegetables. The children then explored the vegetables using their senses and wrote their ideas down! We then described the vegetables and then created our own whole class Vegetable Soup poem!

What a busy week!