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Week 1


This week has been a fabulous start to our project!

We started by thinking about what we already know about dinosaurs and what we would like to find out during our project. We then had a very exciting delivery from a Paleontologist Professor Scout! He sent us some fossilised dinosaur eggs and we decided that they must have been laid by a T-Rex as they were shaped just like a potato! We are very excited to find out more about the T-Rex and lots of other dinosaurs over this half term! 

We had a very exciting start to our Pathways to Write story 'The Pirates are Coming!'

We started the week with finding an old treasure map that the pirates had left hidden for us in the classroom! We worked together to read and follow the clues to find an exciting treasure chest which included our new book The Pirates are Coming! along with a pirate hat, pirate jewellery and some coins and gems! 

We have created our own treasure maps using tea staining to make our paper look old!

We had a wonderful time sharing our special treasures in our egg box treasure chests and the children brought in some fabulous treasures!