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Week 7


The children were shocked to find that over the weekend Teddy had made a terrible mess of our home corner! The other toys had seen Teddy throwing toys, being unkind and eating biscuits and leaving the crumbs everywhere! We spent time telling and teaching Teddy how to be a good member of the community and helping Teddy to clear up the mess he had made!

Teddy sent us a card to say sorry and some of his favourite biscuits to decorate! We made our own teddy bear face biscuits and we really enjoyed eating them!

Later on in the week, Teddy got stuck in a tree outside and the children came up with lots of ideas to help get Teddy down. We talked about risk and how we could make our ideas safer. 


We also had a visit from the Fire Engine this week which was so exciting! The children got to ask lots of questions, sit inside and even hold the hose!


We also had a fantastic afternoon with our Mum's and Dad's at Stay and Play. We spent time sharing our learning together, reading stories to our reading buddies and making more biscuits to give to someone special at home.