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Autumn 1- Me and My Community / Exploring Autumn


Me and My Community

This terms project will teach us about the different communities that we are part of and we will explore who is in our family, what makes a great friendship, who helps us in school and people who help in our local community. 


Exploring Autumn

Our mini project will  teach us about the natural changes that happen during autumn, including how the weather changes, why trees lose their leaves and how wild animals prepare for the cold weather coming in winter.

Our first few weeks of school!

We have had lots of fun during our first few weeks at school and wanted to share some photos with you! We have been exploring and learning within our classroom environment, getting to know each other and sharing lots of stories about our families and our communities!

Our Learning...

Here are some photographs of the amazing learning we have been doing this half term. We have been learning all about our community, our families and our friends and have had special visits from Mr Averis and Reverend Anne to speak to us about the important jobs they have in our community!

We decorated our very own biscuits to give to someone special in our family (and even made one for ourselves too!)

We looked at the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' and  then went on a colour walk around the field and collected lots of different coloured natural objects which we've put up in our classroom to make Nature's Colour Palette! We've had so much fun!

What a Mess!

This week we came in to our classroom to a terrible surprise. Someone had made an awful mess of our home corner and left it very untidy! We investigated the scene and discovered that it was Cas the Cat! The toys in our classroom had written a letter to tell us that Cas had been untidy and very unkind and had even left a half-eaten biscuit in our home corner!

The children worked hard to tidy the mess and Cas spent some thinking time on the thundercloud whilst he watched the other children play nicely and learnt how to be part of our classroom community.  

 In the afternoon, Cas apologised and asked if he could be our new friend. He gave us some biscuits to decorate for the people who we care about as a way to say sorry and has now joined our class as a kind and positive member of our classroom community!